About Callum


Animals have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Starting with BBC Wildlife documentaries on television when I was little – I used to wake up at 6am most days and go downstairs and watch lions and cheetahs hunting on the Serengeti with the volume up nice and loud, much to the delight of my parents.

Family holidays in Devon introduced us to horses, dogs and cats from an early age, and whilst I have never been a very good rider (I leave that to my wife, Sue) I have always found being around animals fun, fascinating and fulfilling. We didn’t have a lot of pets growing up as a family, but two that made the biggest impact were my sister’s horse, Cezar; and our beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chloe.

We have very few really good pictures of Cezar or Chloe and it has irked me for many years – it was this with my increasing skill and ability at photography that led me to the decision to start Callum Aitken Photography – I want to provide you with great images or your beloved animals that will last for years and years so you don’t have the pain of having just a handful of poorly composed, out of focus, fuzzy images to remind you of some of your fondest times.

I became interested in photography initially as a way of seeking to document holidays in interesting places, capturing landscapes in my beloved Lake District, or grabbing a quick sunset shot of the Surrey Hills whilst out on my mountain bike. I don’t have any remarkable tales of how I inherited my Dad’s film Leica (he hasn’t got one, or at least hasn’t told me about it!), or how I’m descended from a long line of artistic visionaries. More simply, I really caught the photography bug and have spent hours, days and years improving my skills, knowledge and artistic abilities.

These days, Sue and I share our house with a fuzzy, ginger beast of a cat (don’t tell him, but I think he’s OK really…) and I regularly accompany Sue to the stables to visit her handsome steed, Rodney (yes, that's right - Rodney...). 

I’m still rubbish at riding, I still wake up at 6am most days and I still love spending as much time as I can with animals.

I can usually be found behind a camera, seeking out and creating images of the world around me. If you happen to spot me in the wild, I will probably look something like this:

Sue's Korcula_101_.jpg

If you are interested in booking a photo session for your horse or pet, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Many thanks,

Callum Aitken

West Sussex, UK