Meet Wellington Pug - Canine Photoshoot, London:

A couple of weekends back I was fortunate enough to be booked to go up to London to photograph a pug. Not just any pug, an utterly adorable four month old pug puppy by the name of Wellington.

The photoshoot had been booked when Welly’s Mum (human) was given one of my gift vouchers as a birthday present. It’s good to have a plan before a shoot so you have a list of the kind of shots the owners are thinking they might like, plus I have my own ideas and suggestions and of course you have to adapt to the actual shoot itself and see what happens.

My plan for the shoot was to meet Welly at home with his owners (he’s too little to answer the door himself), let him run around in their garden and get to know me and the camera, get loads of action shots of him roaming around his kingdom and then as he tires out, get some cute, cuddly, sleep shots. Did it go to plan…?

Not quite! This was quite simply one of the most fun and tiring photoshoots I’ve ever done, and editing it afterwards was a truly difficult task as Welly is just sooooooo cute, it’s almost impossible to choose one photo over another.

WARNING – cuteness overload ahead!

Just in case you wondered – this is why photographers often take more than one camera with them!

Pure innocence

Pure innocence

Welly was a great model – he loved the clicking of the camera shutter, so I could get him to play with his owners, grab a position and then fire off the camera a couple of times and he would come charging towards me to see what the noise was. Also, for a young pup, he was very well trained and can already sit and stay, at least for a while! I’ve included some of the more mischievous photos of him, but they really are just him having fun, not being naughty.

Just reward

Just reward

Aitken-150815-Wellington Pug-357.jpg

It became clear after quite a while of charging round the garden that Welly wasn’t really tiring, so after great fun trying to get his collar and lead on, we walked round to Welly’s local park. Even more fun and games ensued with Welly charging about making new friends and chasing sticks.

Aitken-150815-Wellington Pug-927.jpg
Aitken-150815-Wellington Pug-989.jpg

We returned to Welly’s home after a while as he was getting quite warm – this was the part where he was meant to get sleepy and stop charging about. It didn’t work…

Aitken-150815-Wellington Pug-1623.jpg

… although he did pause briefly for some water:



Aitken-150815-Wellington Pug-1662.jpg

I’ve only included a small selection of Welly’s photos, just to give you a flavour of how the shoot went and to show you what a star Welly is. This little man was a total bundle of energy and already a great credit to his owners. It was great fun to spend a couple of hours with such a lovely pup and a huge character, as pugs often are. I must admit – when I got home, I was exhausted (Welly was still going strong according to his owners and still hadn’t stopped charging about!).