Meet Marie with Jack and Abi with Peach - equine photoshoot, Surrey

A long overdue share of a lovely photoshoot from back in the Summer. 

Marie won a photoshoot with me whilst supporting the equine team at Brinsbury who held a demo evening to raise money for the fantastic Willberry Wonder Pony charity ( 

Part of the fun of being an equine photographer is getting to meet new people and their horses - it's also part of the challenge to head out to a new yard/location that you've not been to before and make the most of the situation to get your clients a great set of images that they will cherish for a long time to come.

Here are just a handful of my favourites from the day.

Marie & Jack:

Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-10.jpg
Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-17.jpg
Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-83.jpg

Abi & Peach:

Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-22.jpg
Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-124.jpg
Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-31.jpg

It was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon and a pleasure to meet Marie, Abi, Jack and Peach. 

Aitken-170819-Marie & Abi-112.jpg

Thanks to Marie & Abi for supporting Brinsbury and Willberry Wonder Pony.

I keep saying it, but I will endeavour to make the blog posts more frequent.

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