Meet Malz - Canine Photoshoot, Hampshire

This little man is Malz. A handsome, 16-week old black lab pup that I was fortunate enough to photograph at the end of July at his home near Basingstoke, Hampshire with his Mum and Dad, Bex and David.

As you might expect of any pup his age, Malz is a bundle of energy and constantly exploring his new strength and co-ordination by charging around the house and garden having plenty of fun. It was a really hot day, so although Malz does go out to the local park, we decided it would be wise to stay at home in the garden where we could have a bit more control over Malz’s exuberance and make sure he didn’t get too hot.

Malz is really developing into a super dog and it was really interesting to look back at the shots and see how in some shots he still looks very puppy like, but in others you get a glimpse of the adult dog he will become – what a fine lad!

Eventually (and I really mean, EVENTUALLY!) Malz got a little hot and tired, as was I, and I managed to get some more sedate, soulful shots.

It’s a pleasure to photograph any dog, but as you can imagine, even more so a lovely pup. It’s a huge amount of fun as well as a huge challenge to be in the right place at the right time and keep up with the crazy bundles of energy.

A huge thank you to Bex and David for having me along to spend the evening with Malz.

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