Meet Jock – Canine Photoshoot, Surrey

This handsome, smiley man is Jock – you will see some of his pictures feature on my home page and portfolio, and deservedly so!

Jock is such a sweetie, I could easily spend a whole day with him – just a very happy, contented little man! I was also very flattered as his owner JK ordered a nice large canvas of the final image above and it looks fantastic. The more pictures I take, the more I like to see them in print in some form or other – having a tangible product showing the image, rather than seeing it on a computer screen or tablet definitely makes a difference.

These photos were taken back in the summer – seems quite a long time ago now (!), but it still brings a smile to my face looking back at these pictures of Jock.

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Meet Pip & Layla - Canine Photoshoot, Surrey

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to photograph Pip and Layla – it was a thoroughly enjoyable photo shoot and I think the images really capture the spirit of the girls, especially Layla who can go from as sweet as pie, to dashing around causing mayhem in the blink of an eye. As always, the majority of photos are in a private gallery for my clients to view, but here are just a few of my favourites from the day:

On a technical note, a decent tip is that black and white conversion can help where there are distracting backgrounds – it also helps bring out the textures in Pip’s coat.

A great shoot and two lovely ladies to spend the afternoon with.

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The Lake District

I thought it about time I share a few images from when I was up in the Lake District at the end of October. It was a mixed week with some amazing and, predictably, some awful weather, but a few nice images all the same:

Aira Beck

Aira Force

Mini Fungi

Sunlit Rock

Loweswater Pano

Moss vs. Lichen

Looking Across Loweswater

Moody Haystacks

All in all, it was quite a satisfying week – I always seem to be able to recharge my batteries up there and come back feeling refreshed. Even my apparently obligatory car troubles couldn’t dampen my visit…

Thanks to all who have visited the website and Facebook page since last week – your support is really appreciated.