Meet Archibald the Brave - Canine Photoshoot, Argyll & Bute

As usual, I like to share a few shots with you and a bit of info from client shoots. Today’s star of the screen is Archie, affectionately known by his Mum as Archibald the Brave. From the finest working sheepdog stock, Archie has adapted very well indeed to the life of a family pet and therefore is perhaps not as butch as his genetics suggest he could be and is much more at home in front of the log-burner than chasing those funny woolly creatures around a field…

That not withstanding he’s a very handsome boy, full of beans and always looking for a new friend to throw his toy or a stick. In true Collie style, he will keep on and on playing fetch for much longer than your patience will last!


Archie isn’t one for sitting still, so it was a real challenge for me and the camera to get really sharp images. For those of you interested in the techie stuff, the indoor shots were around ISO 8000 to try and keep a reasonable shutter speed, and that was at a larger aperture than I would ideally have liked. Still, just goes to show how amazing our current camera technology is. Luckily, I also got to accompany Archie on a walk where we threw more sticks, played more fetch and did a bit of swimming and the inevitable shake to get dry!



We also made friends with this handsome young boy – was lovely to see the dogs charging around together, although Archie preferred to play fetch than play with the dog – who says Collie’s have one track minds?!


And finally, this is the only single shot I got of Archie lying down. As soon as he saw me, he was up again, finding his favourite toy to play more fetch.


All in all, a lovely but challenging shoot. Thanks to Jim and Wendy, and of course, Archie for the shoot – it was an absolute pleasure.

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