Giving Back


Ever since I started Callum Aitken Photography, I’ve wanted to be able to use my photography to support animal charities, predominantly animal welfare related, and I have therefore made the decision to donate a percentage of the income from each and every commissioned photoshoot I complete to a charity related to the type of animal I’ve photographed:


British Horse Society

British Horse Society for equine shoots


Dogs trust

Dogs Trust for canine shoots


Cats protection 

Cats Protection for feline shoots


Of course, if you have an association with a different animal charity and would like the donation to go to them instead, please let me know at the time of your booking and I will be happy to oblige (must be a UK registered charity). 

If you represent an animal charity and would be interested in working with me (for example, having me take photos of your animals that need rehoming), please do not hesitate to get in touch.

(Please note that I have no affiliation or official relationship with these charities, nor they to me. I have simply chosen them for their invaluable work and excellent reputations).